The Carpenter's Touch


The town of Jericho Nevada is under siege.  Behind its thin calpboard veneer of pious propriety groans a populous of worn out souls held at six-shooter point by crooked vigilante justice.  However, something beautiful happens when a humble carpenter shows up to demonstrate the inexorable power of love and forgiveness.

Did you know...



"The Carpenter's Touch" and its sequel "The Carpenter's Return" utilized the most elaborate set in DCDA's history to date.  The main street of a Western town was built on stage including a mercantile, saloon, livery and schoolhouse


Blind Bart O'Muiris  -  Philip Dove

"Rowdy" Clem Pickett  -  Nathan Helkenn

Adaline Wagner  -  Heidi Ueeck

Pearl Tipple  -  Noahnna Fullmer

Sarah Zimmerman  -  Charity Sutherland

Bonnie McCall  -  Erica Kelly

Florence Zimmerman  -  Esther Nebeker

Roy Wagner  -  Daniel Holbrook

Wyatt Snyder  -  Caleb Sutherland

Charlie Tunstall  -  Daniel Domas

Catherine Fosset  -  Jennifer McCullagh

Virginia McCall  -  Heather Ueeck

Amos Wagner  -  BJ Merrymon

Zachaeus "Sidewinder" Shaw  -  George Hosier

Gus Atkins  -  Seth Sutherland

Eleanor Pruitt  -  Melody Holbrook

Seamus Kelly  -  Joel Sutherland

Leanna Medlock  -  Rebekah Holbrook

Martha Wagner  -  Liya Dyachuk

Kirk de Cruz  -  Martin Hosier

Dora Medlock  -  Tiana Shawver


Townfolk:  -  Tiana Shawver / Daniel Congiolosi

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