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Welcome to the new DCDA blog!

Hi there, all you fans, friends and DCDA family. George Hosier here, with the first blog post on DCDA's new website. As I'm sure you've discovered by now, our old domain,, has passed on to its final resting place in that happy holodeck in cyberspace. The good news is that we have a newer, more modern and more streamlined site here at

By following this blog you will be able to stay up to date on any upcoming DCDA events as well as prayer requests or fundraising efforts. Feel free to give us your feedback on any type of information you would like to see posted here.

I look forward to a great blogging future together. Blog ya later.

Break a heart,

George Hosier

P.S. "Break a heart" is DCDA's version of the classic theater good luck wish, "break a leg". What does that mean? Well, we're not talking about becoming a dashing handsome leading man or sexy beautiful actress who is a "heartbreaker".

Samuel Chadwick said, "It is a wonder what God can do with a broken heart if He gets all the pieces."

Jeremiah talks about having a broken heart. The weeping prophet's heart was broken over the brokenness of his people (Jer. 8:21). Here at DCDA we urge our cast and crew not to view themselves as stars who suck admiration and applause from our audience, but as earthen vessels to be broken and spilled out by the Holy Spirit in order to heal the broken world around us. May the Lord God whose mercy endures forever make it so.

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