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Let Nary You'ns Dismay

- 2008 -

An Appalachian mountain version of Dickens' Christmas Carol. 

The Prince's Gambit

- 2009 -

A medieval allegory of redemption as a shifty magician and a prince battle for the soul of a village.

In the Presence

of my Enemies

- 2009 -

Taxes, palace intrigue, leopards, bounty hunters and angelic choirs converge on a Judean sheep pasture.

The Everything Skit
Set Me Free

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The Carpenter's Touch - 2010 -

An intinerant carpenter leads the folk of Jericho, Nevada from lawlessness into love and forgiveness.

Blessings in Disguise

- 2012 -

When a king is born at Bethlehem Inn, nobody notices, what with the ox-shuttle on the blink, staff quitting and the janitor turned desk clerk.

Morning's First Beam - 2013 -

Tolstoy's Martin the Cobbler in 1773 Philadelphia turns to his late wife's Bilble for peace amid the turmoil of the times.

Carpenter's Return Trailer
Walking Wounded
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