Morning's First Beam


It is Autumn.  Not only of the year 1773, but of an era as well.  The American colonies crackle with tension between Whig and Tory...American and British.  THe Sons of Liberty rally supporters from among the tradesmen and merchants while loyalists, like Boston's gorvernor, Thomas Hutchinson, dance the treacherous minuet of political intrigue.  


In quaker Philadelphia, the issues of liberty and unjust taxation have reached a crecendo.  From humble apprentices like Betsy Ross, to the high-born and well-educated Dr. Benjamin Rush, all sense that change is in the air, but how that change will play out, nobody can be certain.


With a nod to Leo Tolstoy, Morning's First Beam seamlessly weaves history and fiction together into the tale of Philadelphi cobbler Daniel Martin as he struggles to maintain a semblance of normalcy after the death of his beloved wife, Millie.


Although Daniel hopes to avoid politics in order to protect his son and his livelihood, he finds his neutrality and his faith tested in ways he could not have imagined.  In the crucible of the times, Daniel seems as helpless as a mote spoonful of East India Company bohea set abrew in a boiling teapot.  Only when he turns in desperation to his late wife's Bible does the troubled cobbler find answers which set him on the road to true and lasting pace in spite of the impending storm of war.

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A special thanks to Fugawee Corporaton for the donation of period shoes used in "Morning's First Beam", to Oliver Pluff and Company for the authentic colonial tea, and to Living History Productions for the loan of costumes.

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