Let Nary You'ns Dismay


Christmas Eve, 1921, is just another day to make a profit--for Ebenezer Scrooge, leastwise.  He reckons Christmas is a humbug, and anybody aimin' to spread Christmas cheer aint' got a lick o' sense.  That all changes with a visit from what Parson Wackerhager calls a "providential" rattlesnake.  


In Scrooge's pizen-induced delerium, he dreams that his former bidness partner comes a-callin'.  Jacob Barleycorn offers to send 'round three friends to help Scrooge recollect the chices that made him the feller he is.  Although Scrooge's heart is torn apart, in the end he settles his eternal account with the only One who can heal our bygone Christmases and give 'em meanin', make our Christmas nowadays new and merry and bring hope to our Christmases a-comin'.

Did you know...

"Let Nary Youn's Dismay" was scripted and performed in antebellum Appalachian Mountain dialect.  Thank you to all the actors who worked so hard to transport the audicence back to a bygone era.



Billy-Bob Scratchit  -  BJ Merrymon

Maude  -  Jennifer Mannan

Girl  -  Heidi Ueeck

Distraught Woman  -  Heather Ueeck

Ebenezer Scrooge  -  George Hosier

Jedediah “Jed” Plemmons  -  Daniel Mannan

Louisa Mumper  -  Rebekah Holbrook

Lucy Snodgrass  -  Melody Holbrook

Reveler 1  -  Liya Dyachuk

Reveler 2  -  Martin Hosier

Reveler 3  -  BJ Merrymon

Parson Johannes Wackerhager  -  Josiah Holbrook

The Haint of Jacob Barleycorn  -  Philip Dove

Bygone Christmas  -  Gaylene Hosier

Scrooge’s Mother  -  Rebekah Holbrook

Boy Scrooge  -  Daniel Holbrook

Wilma Sue  -  Joanna Holbrook

Young Scrooge  -  Josiah Holbrook

Colonel Joab Fuzziwig  -  Daniel Mannan

Docia "Belle" Tweedy  -  Heather Ueeck

Christmas Nowadays  -  Josiah Holbrook

Teeny Tim  -  Reuben Merrymon

Clarabelle Scratchit  -  Rebekah Holbrook

Rosalee Gawkroger  -  Brittany Chaffin
Jeremiah Gawkroger  -  Philip Dove

Ellie Scratchit  -  Jessica Helkenn

Meg Scratchit  -  Heidi Ueeck

Clem Scratchit  -  Daniel Holbrook

Bonita Plemmons  -  Jennifer Mannan

Anna May Whaley  -  Tiana Shawver

Ezekiel “Zeke” Dunwoody  -  Martin Hosier

Christmas A-comin’  -  Joanna Holbrook

Woman 1  -  Gaylene Hosier

Woman 2  -  Rebekah Holbrook

Debtor Husband  -  Martin Hosier

Debtor Wife  -  Heather Ueeck



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