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The Presence of My Enemies

Exorbitant taxes. A prowling lion with a hankering for fresh lamb. Roman invaders.  Bounty hunters seeking the Hasmonean princesses that he was hiding from Herod's wrath. 


There was much cause for fear and worry in Abner Ben-Efram's life.  In fact, for a simple Judean shepherd who only wanted to tend sheep and keep a low profile, life had suddenly gotten out of control.

In the Presence of Mine Enemies is a remake of the original DCDA stage play that first premiered in 2009.  With its themes of fear amid religious fatigue and political chaos, the DCDA production team felt like this would be the perfect show to speak into the craziness, fear, and uncertainty that we all have experience during 2020.

Has God forgotten us?  Will things ever be normal again?  Are we all alone with this mess?  These questions which are at the forefront of our minds today, were the same questions being asked in our script by the beleaguered character, Abner. 


In his case, just when it seemed that God was silent and all was lost, an angel appeared above the starlit hills proclaiming the arrival of a deliverer!  God, in His unfathomable love for humankind, had showed up in Abner's back yard, and his life took a 180 degree turn for the better. 


The good news is that the same deliverer whose coming was announced to that ancient Judean Shepherd, is still alive and He has the solution for our dilemma today. 

Don't miss this amazing production.   All performances are free, and everyone is welcome.

Inquiries:       907-987-2233 or 907-987-2234.

Location:        Living Waters AoG, Delta Junction, AK

Dates:           January 23,24,30,31 at 6pm

TRIVIA:  Two actors who starred in the original ITPOME production will be acting in the 2021 remake.

Past DVD's are available.  We suggest a donation of $10.00 to cover costs.  Simply click on the contact button below.

Note:  Living Waters Assembly of God is located beside Interior Hardware and across the Richardson Highway from IGA in downtown Delta Junction, Alaska. 

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