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DCDA welcomes your support.  There are four main ways to do that:  




Please consider clicking the "Donate" button at the top of this page or send us a check written out to DCDA.  God bless you for your financial support.




DCDA is always looking for volunteers with a heart for drama.  We welcome aspiring actors who want to audition.  But actors are not all we need by far.  We are always short of staff and crew.  We need wise, mature decision-makers who can be counted on to attend monthly business meetings.  We need managers who are comfortable tackling intimidating projects with inflexible deadlines.  We need organizers.  We need PR and media representatives.  We need cooks, fundraisers, photographers, videographers, IT people, experienced seamstresses or tailors, artists, carpenters, cosmeticians, audio-visual technicians, writers, graphic arts designers, electricians, laborers, musicians, babysitters...  The possibilities for contributing your skills are endless.  


Be aware that the challenges will be great.  Your skills must be available for grueling months at a time without expectation of monetary compensation.  You must be as dependable as a Swiss watch, scrupulously ethical, generously selfless and unflaggingly cheerful under significant stress loads.  Above all, you must love people genuinely and trust God completely.  


If you fear that you possess none of these skills or qualities, don't despair.  As long as you are honest, humble and willing to learn, we can train you.  Our goal is that as the current staff moves on or retires, Delta Junction's theatrical community will continue to thrive.


Those are the cons of volunteering with DCDA.  What will be your reward?


  • Memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

  • A massive lump in your throat during the roar of applause at the closing curtain of a show run.

  • Lots of crazy, crazy fun.

  • The wide-eyed awe of tiny fans.

  • The camaraderie of brotherhood among cast and crew forged in the crucible of an intense production process.

  • The tearful thanks of a senior citizen.

  • Experiences that will broaden, deepen and stretch you as a person in ways you never thought possible.

  • The satisfaction of giving to the community.

  • The smile of Heaven.  


We wait to hear from you very soon. 


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